Privacy protection +timely communication

Using blockchain technology to remove centralization storage service, reduce information leakage risk and personal information written in the blockchain,can disclosure partial information,End-to-end encryption is adopted between communication.and the third party can not steal user information.Without a central server, users can make peer to peer instant messaging via identity ID.

General wallet

As a block chain product, ela chat can also be used as an encrypted currency wallet.

ela chat is also a special wallet of the elastos, holding ela chat you can exchange tokens that also come to the elastos ecology , saving the trouble of downloading various wallet Apps

ela ecology

Communication software has its own traffic volume, which is highly consistent with other ecological projects.
There will be more and more eco-projects based on elastos. As a communication DAPP, ela chat can link up with elastos Ecology and let users swim in the ecological ocean with its own window.



ela chat de-centralized instant messaging function relies on the elastos infrastructure module Carrier to achieve, the Friend relationship between users in different network environments, without the need for Internet IP or fixed IP to achieve point-to-point communication.

Multi characteristics

Ela Chat — An IM Dapp powered by ELASTOS